Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bohemian lovestory

Whilst searching the internet for photos for my moodboard for the photoshoot I came across this editorial. I saw the last picture years ago and fell in love with it, but I didn`t know where it was from as it was posted on someone` s blog and it didn`t give a source. The photos are shot by Steven Meisel and the models are George Harrison`s son, Dhani Harrison, and Sasha Pivovarova. I adore their bohemian outfits and the lovestory theme. I would too love to hang out wearing dreamy bohemian outfits, drinking tea and listening to a handsome guy strumming his guitar...


  1. I just loooove this style! Great editorial.....with stunning jewelry and hats...everything is gorgeous!

  2. she is fantastic, a dream ... he is very harrison
    ..ciao bella