Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday bliss

sunglasses: H&M, shearling coat: vintage Fendi, bag:Warehouse, boots: Office

It`s been a lovely Sunday, spent walking in the sunshine and having coffee with friends. I bought this coat as a birthday present for myself. I love the continuous thick embroidered pattern that cover the shoulder and back, and the lavender ads a pop of spring to my outfit whilst providing the warmth needed to survive in Oslo.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ear candy

Apologies for my absence from the blog, I`ve been sick and incredibly busy at work. Thought it was worth mentioning since I have a small reader base already, yay. It was my birthday the other day, and I got these lovely earrings from Kristine at Kristine`s Krimskrams. They are made out of vintage buttons, and I`m all for redesigning and all things vintage. Check out her shop at

Sunday, February 6, 2011


coat:Monki, headband:Indiska, gloves:Wedins, handbag:Monki 

The last day in England we spent walking on the dunes, then gathered in the pub for  a roast sunday lunch. Pardon the squinting, the light was incredibly bright and the wind so forceful I was worried I`d blow off the edge.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Pink Pigeon & Dolly Mix Vintage

The Pink Pigeon in Leicester is the ground floor department of the vintage clothing shop, Dolly Mix Vintage. They have an enormous selection of reasonably priced vintage for gents and ladies, as well as a small kids section. Their mannequins and displays are always eccentric and inspiring. There`s clothes and props hanging from the ceiling, leather suitcases filled with scarves or hats, clothes hung on the inside and outside of antique wardrobes, vintage dressers covered with jewelery and antique perfume bottles, old posters on the walls, not to mention the never ending rails of clothing  - this shop is filled with vintage gems. Unfortunately the 1st and 2nd floor were closed for refurbishment, and for the first time ever I didn`t buy anything. Do stop by if you get the chance! Located on Cank Street.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Orange Tree, Leicester

blouse:Topshop, necklace:Forever21 

I`ve spent the last week in England visiting friends and family. I was looking forward to escape cold Oslo and dress lighter, but it was absolutely freezing. Half the time it was raining and I had to wrap up the best I could by simultaneously layering all the clothes I had packed, and on top of that my boots unexpectantly fell apart. More a fashion freeze than fashion frenzy. As a result there are very few pictures of me where I`m not wearing my coat. This one is taken in a pub in Leicester that had the heating on...

As I`ve just started this blog, I thought it would be rude not to introduce myself properly. I live in Oslo and work in fashion retail. My relationship with clothing can best be described as an ongoing love affair. I can fall for a detail, a fabric texture or print and then I can`t get it out of my head and whenever I think about that specific item my heart starts beating faster. This sometimes causes me to make unrational buying decisions like purchasing someting that doesn`t fit or cost the equivalent of one mortgage payment. I have a genuine interest in current trends, but my personal style is a make up of vintage and new clothing mixed to create an individual look. This blog will be a showcase of my style and likes, and I hope you`ll find it interesting and inspiring.