Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tie your belt in a knot and tie the outfit together


My friend took these pictures of me in one minute before I had to rush off to the hairdresser (thank you Bente!). It waswindy and very sunny, but I was too stressed to think about putting on my sunglasses. Soooo, I`m squinting in the photos again. I really needed to colour my roots, and I also decided to go for a lighter red and I`m very pleased with the result! Hopefully I`ll get some help to take a few pictures of it tomorrow. Have a nice evening!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Shimmering barbecue

(wearing sunglasses and jeans from H&M, Topshop pleated tunic)

I just cannot resist wearing shiny or glittery items of clothing out in nature. I love the contrast between the garment and the natural materials, how they accentuate each other. Also, it feels wonderfully lavish to dress up for barbecuing on the beach - an occation that most would say require a much more practical outfit...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sequins & the sea

vintage jacket from My Cup Of Tea Vintage, H&M ring and jeans, Strawberry Cats tunic

I`m at my dad`s house for the easter holiday, and he lives near the sea. This sequin jacket looked beautiful against the blue fjord in the background. It`s a gem and I love that it`s finally warm enough here to use it without freezing to death or having to layer another jacket on top of it. Today I`m going to two barbecues, one one the beach and the other on our balcony. We`ll probably stay out untill long after the sun goes down. Happy easter everyone!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

It`s not novelty to me

H&M novelty print top and necklace, Topshop denim shorts, Lindex ankle socks, Din Sko shoes, Gina Tricot and vintage rings

I`ve tested our tripod for the first time today. I managed to take a few okay pictures of what I was wearing. Bought the top ages ago, but haven`t found an occation to wear it cause it is VERY cropped. So on this hot day it was perfect to lounge around in at home.  Novelty prints make a huge statement and stand out in an outfit, so I chose a pair of denim shorts to go with the top to leave it as the one stand out item of the outfit. 


I discovered a new norwegian magazine that is full of evocative pictures with a nostalgic feel - hjartesmil (smile of the heart). I wasn`t able to find many pictures from the magazine itself, but the editor runs a very nice blog that gives you the idea of what the magazine is gonna be like. Pre- order your copy here and read the blog here.

I would recomend you to look at the pictures accompanied by the tunes of Lykke Li - I follow rivers.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Pretty pleats

H&M maxi pleated skirt, vintage beaded blouse, Gina Tricot mini satchel, Indiska scarf used as a turban, Gina Tricot+Indiska+vintage rings, vintage sunglasses
I`m not grumpy, I promise! I`m just sick and bored. The pictures are taken in our backyard - no big adventures for me today. I`m really into pleats these days. Pleats have always appealed to me, the interest probably stems from my grandmother who loved her pleated midi skirts. Lately I`ve acquired several pleated pieces, and I`m sure you`ll see them on the blog in the near future. Wearing a maxi during the day feels glamorous, and I love a bit of everyday glamour! Just what I needed today, even though I only made it down the stairs and back to the appartement. Hope you`ll have a great weekend! Here`s a blowkiss for my lovely readers:

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A walk in the park

 wearing Primark shoes, vintage 60s dress, vintage quilted leather jacket, vintage ring, Indiska tights, Marc By Marc Jacobs bag, H&M sunglasses (sorry if you are sick to death by them, but I love them and wear them all the time)

It`s been a crazy week with a lot of work and preparing to sell the flat. Crossing my fingers that we sell it this week! The weather has suddenly made a turn for spring, so I think that wearing a floral dress on a sunday is entirely appropriate! A coffee in my hand and a walk in the park with my boyfriend made for a lovely day. Hope you`ve had a lovely sunday too!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I heart cupcakes

vintage 60`s dress, Primark heart ring

I love the way they look, taste and I love making them and serving them to happy guests. So when I got to my friend`s place last night to have  a cup of tea after a very hectic day and found that she had made cupcakes I forgot about the stress and munched two in a row without pausing.The vintage dress is another love of mine and it`s been in my warderobe for many years. It`s been reworked into a min length, and I like wearing it with modern, chunky shoes. (I` m not showing you my shoes today cause they were actually wellies as it was raining)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

It`s grey outside

H&M kimono jacket, Strawberry Cats lace tunic, Falke tights, ASOS, vintage and Gina Tricot rings

 Happy sunday everyone! Hope you`ve had a lovely day so far. I`ve spent it with family and friends, drinking coffee and making food. In a minute I`m gonna watch a Woody Allen film with my boyfriend. Ever since I saw him in concert the other week I`ve wanted to watch one of his films again. I found this printed jacket in H&M the other day and it was love at first sight. It will brighten up any outfit, and although the weather is drab there`s no reason to dress accordingly....