Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Maxi love

vintage Diane Freis dress, vintage clutch bag, Skopunkten boots, Topshop and vintage rings

As you probably have guessed I`m crazy about vintage clothes and accessories. Diane Freis is a designer that most vintage lovers probably know. She makes gorgeous georgette dresses and blouses in vibrant prints, and when I found this dress at a bargain price on Ebay I was very happy. It makes a nice change to the cotton india hippie maxi dresses that I repeatedly wear every spring and summer. 

The other day I was stopped by a streetstyle photographer who was taking pictures for H&M`s Oslo style icon competition. I was quite surpised, cause I hadn`t put any thought into what I was wearing and had even just taken off my (cool) hat which left me with flat hair. But he asked me politely to take my photo so I let him. It`s not the greatest picture of me ever, but I would really appreciate it if you vote for me at Thanks!


  1. Love your dress and your red hair...!

  2. thank you lovely bohemian girl! :)

  3. love your hair, great dress!!!