Friday, March 11, 2011

Caged in a box.....

vintage jacket, H&M necklace and coral stone ring, vintage Nina Ricci blouse, Skopunkten boots

.... is not just the name of my bag but a description of my life this last week. I`ve been really busy and the outfit pictures that I`ve taken have not come out very well. But today we caught the light just before the sun went down and snapped some quick photos. My patent box bag is thrifted for £1.99 and is one of my favourite handbags! I would really like another one in a popping colour for spring, like this one

My thoughts go out to my friends in Hawaii and Japan and everyone affected by the tragedy that happened earlier today!


  1. Love your pose...! The whole outfit is amazing, love your necklace and the beautiful green jacket! And of course I join your concern about the people affected by the terrible tsunami.

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  3. Thank you!! Your comments make me want to keep posting bohemian girrrl!

    My thoughts go out to the tsunami victims as the extend of this tragedy unveils in the day of light..

  4. OoOoOh I love it I do