Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sequins & the sea

vintage jacket from My Cup Of Tea Vintage, H&M ring and jeans, Strawberry Cats tunic

I`m at my dad`s house for the easter holiday, and he lives near the sea. This sequin jacket looked beautiful against the blue fjord in the background. It`s a gem and I love that it`s finally warm enough here to use it without freezing to death or having to layer another jacket on top of it. Today I`m going to two barbecues, one one the beach and the other on our balcony. We`ll probably stay out untill long after the sun goes down. Happy easter everyone!


  1. My god, what a beautiful jacket! I have never seen this before....where have you hide this my friend? Looks nice to hang around by the ocean. Looking forward seeing you again!

  2. You might have seen it in photos by My Cup Of Tea Vintage. I love hanging around near the sea! See you this week sweetheart!

  3. your jacket is genius!!!!!! so beautiful