Friday, April 15, 2011

Pretty pleats

H&M maxi pleated skirt, vintage beaded blouse, Gina Tricot mini satchel, Indiska scarf used as a turban, Gina Tricot+Indiska+vintage rings, vintage sunglasses
I`m not grumpy, I promise! I`m just sick and bored. The pictures are taken in our backyard - no big adventures for me today. I`m really into pleats these days. Pleats have always appealed to me, the interest probably stems from my grandmother who loved her pleated midi skirts. Lately I`ve acquired several pleated pieces, and I`m sure you`ll see them on the blog in the near future. Wearing a maxi during the day feels glamorous, and I love a bit of everyday glamour! Just what I needed today, even though I only made it down the stairs and back to the appartement. Hope you`ll have a great weekend! Here`s a blowkiss for my lovely readers:


  1. I love tis combination ..ur pleated skirt is so lovely..m obsessed wth pleats 2:-)brillant kp it up

  2. Ok ok, I'm obsessed with that skirt.
    Hey! I'm Sarah, Just found your blog and I'm loving it! So I'm following you :]

  3. Dear Chicqua and Sarah! Thak you very much for the lovely comments! I really appreciate it! I`ve visited your blogs and left comments for you both. XX

  4. Lekkert! Du har nydelig farge på håret ditt :)