Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oslo terror attack - 22nd of July 2011 will never be forgotten

After the attacks people have been putting down roses all over the city. This is taken on a square below where the bomb struck.

Words can not describe the pain and despair I feel over the horrifying attack in Oslo. I was only three blocks away from where the bomb went off, and the sheer terror of not knowing if another one would go off or where was terrifying. But as the unimaginable extent of the tradegy was unveiled in the early hours of saturday morning, my own experience was so insignificant compared to those who were injured by the bomb or hunted by a killer on Ut√łya. I am truly touched by all the support Norway has recieved throughout the world. Not only has it shooked mine and my country`s feel of freedom and safety, but it has grabbed the attention of the whole world because this shows that if this can happen in one of the safest places in the world one can truly never be at ease.

My thoughts go out to anyone affected by this terror, but also to people throughout the world that live with horror everyday - whether it is war, hunger, natural disasters or deprivation of freedom and democracy!

All the fences for the crime scene are filled wih roses too...

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  1. the Norwegian people, will know how to start! thank god you have not done anything ... a kiss ciao