Sunday, May 29, 2011

A new shade of lipstick

Unknown source via
Unknown source via Shelley Mulshine

 My usual lipstick routine consists of putting on pink, pink and another shade of pink. So I`ve decided to switch it up a bit. I`m quite taken with dark wine and purple shades at the moment. It ads an edge to your whole look, and I`m imagining that it would work really well as a contrast to this seasons sheer pastel coloured clothing or with qute floral dresses. Heading down to Make Up Store tomorrow to use my gift certificate on a new lipstick. These blogger girls are my dark-lipstick-style-heroes:

Nicole from Gary Pepper vintage

Claudia from Molto Fashion

 Which shade of lipstick is your favourite at the moment?


  1. I love the photographs.
    & I love that camera in the second photo.
    prettyy blogg & pretty hairr :) <3.

  2. Thank you Jeena! :) I love the camera too! I might just have to get something similar to experiment with... But firstly a new lipstick :)