Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Orange Tree, Leicester

blouse:Topshop, necklace:Forever21 

I`ve spent the last week in England visiting friends and family. I was looking forward to escape cold Oslo and dress lighter, but it was absolutely freezing. Half the time it was raining and I had to wrap up the best I could by simultaneously layering all the clothes I had packed, and on top of that my boots unexpectantly fell apart. More a fashion freeze than fashion frenzy. As a result there are very few pictures of me where I`m not wearing my coat. This one is taken in a pub in Leicester that had the heating on...

As I`ve just started this blog, I thought it would be rude not to introduce myself properly. I live in Oslo and work in fashion retail. My relationship with clothing can best be described as an ongoing love affair. I can fall for a detail, a fabric texture or print and then I can`t get it out of my head and whenever I think about that specific item my heart starts beating faster. This sometimes causes me to make unrational buying decisions like purchasing someting that doesn`t fit or cost the equivalent of one mortgage payment. I have a genuine interest in current trends, but my personal style is a make up of vintage and new clothing mixed to create an individual look. This blog will be a showcase of my style and likes, and I hope you`ll find it interesting and inspiring.